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Your journey into MU starts here!
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As I promised - NEW SERVER (3000X) IS OUT!


Here are the server INFORMATION:




Website: http://gaionmu.biz

Forum: http://muforum.biz/gaion/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/gaionmunetwork/

Version: Season 8 Episode 3

Exp: 3000X (FRESH DB)

Drops: 50%

Zen Rate: x0.100

Jewel on Shop : N/A 

Money Command: N/A

Max Level: 400

MAX ML: 440

Max Reset: Unlimited

Max Stats: 32767

Keep Stats: Yes

Jewel Success Rate: Default

Chaos Machine Rate: Default

Starting Points: 1000 

Starting Zen: 1Billion

Custom Items: N/A

Currencies: Gold & eCoins ONLY.



Website Features



SITE Spotlight



• Redeem Vouchers - Redeem all the vouchers (10k Cash, 5k Gold, 1 eCoin, 2 eCoins) that you hunted from the game.

• Items to Vault - Unable to transfer some items to the vault? No worries we got your back 

• Blacksmith - No harmony, no life, no soul but have credits? say no more - upgrade your items through our website for credits!

• Exchange Gold to eCoins - Got lots of Gold Credits on your account? get them exchanged at our website!

• Exchange Hours to Gold - All your AFK times are now paying off. Go get your hours exchange!

• Market System - Interactive market system allows you to sell your in game items at our website.

• Notification System - Notifies you with any changes within your account, market items, or other stuff.

• Trade History - Lost an item for no reason? don't know where it went? check your trade history!






All WZ Default Events Enabled!

Arca War

Blood Castle

Devil Square

White Wizard Invasion

Kanturu Event

Imperial Guardian



Raklion Selupan Boss Fight

Gens System and Vulcanus Fight.

Weekly Castle Siege

• What? Guilds fight to death to be the next king of the Castle. If there are no guilds registered, unfortunately, there will be no rewards or CS will move to the next week.

• When? Every Sunday (GMT +8) 8:00PM to 9:30PM 

• Rewards? Each Siege there will be an active GM to watch and monitor players. We have a special "MVP REWARD" for players whenever they did something honorable to achieve their goal.



Kundun Minions Event

Description: Spawns 15 Monsters at a given time and location. If killed you get 1 eCoin

GMT+8 (PH Time)

3 20AM

9 40AM

12 30PM

5 00PM

10 00PM

1 30AM

Reward: 1 eCoin




• What? Will spawn up to 150 Kundun Minions at a given location (each kill = 1 eCoins)

• When? Every 10th of the Month (e.g July 10, Aug 10, Sept 10 etc.) Time will always be 2:30PM GMT+8 PH TIME



Special Features



• MUUN System!

• Vote Reward System 

• Tons of spots to level up

• Premium anti-hack

• Marriage System to marry that person you love!

• MU RUUMY Events

• Working sockets and yellow option


• Buy and sell on website and in game

• Auto-RECONNECT system allows you to auto connect when disconnected

• Well balanced PVP

• Only 4 Max Sockets, no over powered items

• Complete working and well balanced skills up to SEASON 8 EPISODE 3

• Advanced VIP System award your players with a range of benefits of being VIP

• Bonus Event System Adjust Exp rates for specified maps

• Cash Shop System award with cash or coin for every event type and Play Time

[Cash Shop System with gifting and Goblin points options]

• Auto Party System Leave an open door for your friends to join party while being AFK

• Multi-ware System which allows to use more then one vault per account

• Lastly, providing players a LONG-TERM SERVER



Important In Game Commands:



/addstr - Add Strength Attributes in Game

/addene - Add Strength Attributes in Game

/addvit - Add Strength Attributes in Game

/addcom - Add Strength Attributes in Game

/addagi - Add Strength Attributes in Game

/reset - Reset Character (TEMPORARILY DISABLED)

/pkclear - Clear PK Status

/gpost - Post globally on all available server

/online - check amount of players online including game masters


/war /endwar



Lock System



Important to always lock your account whenever possible to prevent hackers from gaining access to your account. If your account is locked, your items will not be able to move from their current place.




/setkey <4_DIGIT_NUMBERS>

/confirmkey <4_DIGIT_NUMBERS> 


/unlock <4_DIGIT_NUMBERS>

/autolock ON/OFF (autolocks your account each time you disconnect)



More plans to the server, stay tuned!